Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LJ Archives: July 2010

July 22:  Ho. Lee. Hell

Miniature Portrait of Charles I executed in silk and metal thread:  Gobelin, tent, and couching stitches.  c. 1651

I'm speechless.

July 28:  New Project:  Late 15th/Early 16th Century Kirtle

So it came to pass that I was looking at stuff like this:


and this:

And I thought the short-sleeved kirtles bore a striking similarity to the working class outfits the Tudors did in the 1520s.  I'd been wanting a slightly earlier (14th-mid 15th century) cotehardie for a while (I even have all the fabrics and everything), but I was never convinced that I could make it look good on my body.  Suddenly, the late 15th century waisted kirtles are looking better and better, with a similar aesthetic but with the added bonus of being able to easily transition into later styles with basically an apron and a partlet.  Plus, it'll make great camp garb, which I seem to always need.

And I have enough time, I could probably do it for the provincial A&S championship at Toys for Tots.  I've been really excited about the potential for handsewing the whole thing with a sort of whipped felled seam (from PoF 4) which could potentially go pretty quickly.

Wish me luck!