Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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November 2:  Halloween!

Other than Tabby's totally awesome steampunk party Friday night, we were pretty mellow for Halloween weekend.  My Agatha heterodyne costume made another appearance, sans spats and plus sensible shoes.  I also whip stitched the front corset ends together which made it fit much nicer.  Drew made some new stuff from scratch (he made his shirt from a 1909 pattern, I'm so proud!) and reused his yellow vest thing.  I've got to get that guy in some pants that hit his waist, but otherwise, he looked great.  At the party, there was a friend dressed as a Book 1 Agatha, and I regret not getting pics together. 

We also got each other Nerf Maverics for early halloween gifts, and then proceeded to ambush one another with foam projectile goodness for most of the week.  We didn't have the time or resources to steampunkify them in time, but we surely will by next year.