Sunday, October 31, 2010

LJ Archives: October 2011

Quoth Ellisif, "We didn't win, but we looked fabulous."

I'll say.

Ellisif did all of the work on her cotehardie, but I did the fitting (before she lost 20 lbs too, so it's a bit loose).  I designed and did a significant portion of work on Vidar's overtunic -- Hastings did the trim on the bottom hem which was a huge help as my list of things to do was pretty outrageous.  It's actually something of a mockup -- it's a proof-of-concept for future Varangian stuff.  The tunic and trim came from a sari.  I did as much as I could with Ellisif's hair, which is to say, not much, but I did little buns and pinned the veil to them with fancy straight pins, which kept it on her head perfectly for the whole day.

I finished my gold kirtle, but I didn't think to take pictures until after I'd been wilting outside all day.  Next time, honest.